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Charles Older

CHARLES OLDER Died June 17, 2006 Retired Los Angeles judge Charles Older died of complications from a fall at age 88. Judge Older was the man who presided over the 10-month trial of Charles Manson and his followers. He was portrayed by actor Skip Homier in the 1976 Emmy-nominated TV mini series "Helter Skelter." Judge Older served his country as a member of the feared Flying Tigers during WWII and Korea. He was one of the first two men to join Lt. General Claire Chennault箂 volunteer force to protect China from Japan. He shot down nearly 20 Japanese fighter planes with his P-40 Warhawk! He was the top-scoring American fighter ace in the air war over China. His exploits are among the events covered in the documentary "The Real Flying Tigers."
Charles Older with P-40

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