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RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Looks like you are on track. I did not even see the possible P-51, etc. I notice you edited up the image from the Flanagan collection, which does indeed provide some good info. Let's see where this goes!
               【Comment by  pat  2008/5/19 20:1:57】
Pat, I think this Hong Kong raid was 25 October, 1944 (need to verify the day). Gen Chennault had ordered an all-out assault on Japanese shipping which had taken haven in the harbor to avoid attacks from the Fifth (?) Fleet. Every 14th Air Force aircraft which could be fueled and armed was ordered to att...
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/5/19 16:21:36】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Tony, The original number has been painted out, and there is only a '420' on the tail. As for location, it is sure hard to tell from this image. Nanning has many karst mountains around it, but with this angle we may not see them... or for that matter, we would not see the mountains in Yangkai, etc... But t...
               【Comment by  pat  2008/5/19 19:55:46】
Pat, I can't identify the landscape. Could this be in the Nanning region? Also, can you identify the aircraft number (white marking on vertical tail) from the original scan? If not I will try to find the original photo and see if I can read it from there. Tony
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/5/19 16:24:56】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
Original Caption: (Note correction to aircraft at end) Major General Claire L. Chennault And Brig. General Edgar E. Glenn Inspect Engine Repair On A Curtiss P-40 'Warhawk' At An Airfield, Kunming, China, 3 November 1944. 16Th Combat Camera Unit. [P-51 Mustang]
               【Comment by  TexLonghorn  2008/3/30 8:3:53】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
Barracks used by the 14th Air Force personnel based at Kweilin Air Base in China.
               【Comment by  TexLonghorn  2008/3/30 7:47:10】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Tony, This photo is a bit odd--For example, the guy on the back right has "zhongwei" written on his jacket, which is rank of Lt. or 1st Lt. The guy on the front right also has "zhongwei" written on his jacket. I am working on figuring out what names are written on both their jackets. Very odd. Pat
               【Comment by  pat  2008/3/23 4:4:1】
Pat, I messed up! I misidentified the enlisted men. This makes your 'close ups' wrongly identified as well. I will make the corrections to this image, but leave the close ups to you. Tony
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/3/19 21:9:47】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Pat, Can you enhance the image (brighten?) enough to see if the officer is wearing two stars on his collar? If so, I believe this is Casey Vincent. A slightly brighter image might allow me to compare this with other photos of Vincent? Tony
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/3/21 6:29:11】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Tony, The tail number of the far plane seems to be 129600 (or just maybe 129800). I cannot pull up even a trace of tail number on the closer plane. Pat
               【Comment by  pat  2008/3/16 5:50:12】
Pat, Are the tailnumbers readable on either of these planes? If so, I might be able to use them for gaining other information. Tony
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/3/14 16:38:1】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Pat, In McKAy Nelson's book, Daiary of a Bomb Squadron, this photo is included with a listing of all the men. Poor quality image reproduction and very fine print keep me from adding the names. Tony
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/3/14 18:9:21】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
Pat, This person is not wearing as US military uniform, as required at all times by regulation. Therefore, he is either not US military or he's posing for the camera even though he has deserted. But, it is possible because on the the 491st aircrew members went AWOL (deserted) from Mar 45 until 19 A...
               【Comment by  tonystro  2008/2/23 17:26:12】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
"China Clipper" (as seen on the back of the crewman's jacket and in other photos) was a B-25G assigned to 373rd Bombardment Squadron, 308th Bomb Group, late in 1943 or early 1944. The 308th was withdrawn to India following the Japanese overrun of Kweilin and Luichow. Combined, the information suggests this br...
               【Comment by  tonystro  2007/11/12 17:33:18】


RE:U.S. Government Official Images
Wasn't there a caption for this somewhere? Or has it already been loaded as a similar image?
               【Comment by  pat  2007/10/15 4:55:20】


RE:Robert F. Riese
Add in that he helped in prisons in US with Chinese internees, and his great generousity to us, provision of WWII photo scans, and RSH may not have come to today without his simple generousity and courtesy.
               【Comment by  pat  2007/6/6 2:10:55】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
What happend to the caption for this pic?
               【Comment by  pat  2007/6/5 1:2:9】

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