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RE:KIA-MIA Memorial Homepage
DANIELS PATRICK H III MIRA LOMA FLIGHT ACADEMY (CALIFORNIA) MAJOR C. C. MOSELEY, Operator This primary flight school at Oxnard, California, was originally known as Cal-Aero but was renamed Mira Loma to avoid confusion since Major C. C. Moseley, the civilian contractor, was already operating the Cal-Aero Acad...
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TSgt Cecil L Olson, Radio Operator, from ID Birth: Nov. 1, 1918 Death: May 20, 1944 TSGT USAAF WWII 308th BG, 373rd B Sq Radio Operator B-24J #42-73317 'Puck' took off from Liuchow headed for the base at Yangkai, China on a Sea Sweep mission. The plane and its entire crew disappeared when attacked by possib...
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James B Strader (died 1944) was born into the Strader family. He died on July 14, 1944. OREGON Brother John M. He was buried in National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific Section C Site 438, 2177 Puowaina Drive, Honolulu, Hi. http://www.wallowa.com/out_of_the_past/20140819/out-of-the-past-joseph-sewer-system-...
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Harold. D. Robertson King08-X1_0014_2_MIA_Robertson ASN 170527777 May 1944 S/No. 42-98865 ROBERTSON HAROLD D 17052777 T SG FOD FOD = FINDING OF DEATH Harold D. Robertson Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army 5th Liaison Squadron Entered the Service From: Arkansas Service #: 17052777 Date of ...
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James R. Fox, jr., - Dalhart, TX http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMAMV8_James_R_Fox_jr_Dalhart_TX http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2002-10/24/content_606757.htm http://peninsulaclarion.com/stories/092103/peo_092103peo004001.shtml#.VhJM14-qpBc http://en.people.cn/200210/24/eng20021024_105566.shtml ...
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Henry Staples (on NAS?)
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Dave Walli ⛺️ Capt Capt. John F. Hampshire, Jr. was a highly talented fighter pilot who served in the 75th Fighter Squadron from late September, 1942 until his death in May, 1943. A rising star in the 75th Fighter Squadron named John Hampshire was shooting down Japanese planes as fast as he made contact wi...
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John F Hampshire
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1st Lt. Leon Lichard--contact Jane
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2nd Lt. Rex D. Arnold (Xita files) Also, some great info at http://hometown.aol.com/medalcol/purple_hearts_of_world_war_ii.htm. 2nd Lt. Rex D. Arnold, O-684459, B-24J, Co-Pilot, 374th Bomb Squadron, 308th Bomb Group, 14th Air Force. Killed in Action on 26 May 1944 when his aircraft his the side of a mounta...
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Kyriscio (Xita files)
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Add Kosta (Jack) Xita
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Add Gregory, Carrol D, at Tungloa
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Add lt. Upchurch to memorial list.
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RE:Carlton Covey
Carlton was born September 15, 1919, in Easton, Maryland. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he was working for the town clerk of Easton when the war broke out. Carlton earned his student pilot certificate in 1940. With his prior flying experience, he chose the Army Air Corps. Reported to 5th Regiment...
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RE:Warren John Christensen
Warren J Christensen Male 21 Single White Son Minnesota 1919 Same House Albert A Christensen Male 14 Single White Son Minnesota 1926 Same House David M Christensen Male 8 Single White Son Minnesota 1932 Same House Minnesota > Aitkin > Kimberly Township > 1-20 Kimberly Township
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RE:Folke L. Johnson
Frederick Gene Abrams Age 95 Gene Gene Abrams F Gene Abrams Portsmouth, VA Blacksburg, VA Chesapeake, VA Lesley Abrams Doris Abrams
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RE:MACR 10068 (Harold V. Robbins, Jr)
Harold V. Robbins Jr. First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces 74th Fighter Squadron, 23rd Fighter Group Entered the Service From: Massachusetts Service #: 0-691590 Date of Death: February 28, 1946 Wars or Conflicts: World War II Memorialized: Tablets of the Missing Manila American Cemetery Manila, Philippines Aw...
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