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RE:Misc. Theater
449th FS, China
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2017/1/30 11:44:36】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection
P-40N #155 seems to be a 75thFS/ 23rdFS plane, according to another source, but the other P-40N in the distance displays the "white skull" of the 80th FG. A close-up on this one would be welcome !
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2017/1/30 11:32:27】
P-40N #155 seems to be a 16thFS bird, but the other P-40 in the distance displays the "white skull" of the 80th FG. A close-up on this one would be welcome !
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2017/1/30 11:19:40】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
Looks to be a 26th FS "China Blitzers" P-40K. Emblem painted on cowling prior to the application of a sharkmouth.
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2017/1/30 11:12:46】


RE:Roubinek Collection
B-24L- 1-CO, 44-41442, 'Red Ass' was assigned to the 373rd Bomb Squadron of the 308th Bm Grp when it was transferred to Fourteenth AF Air Service Group on 8 Apr 45, just before the Squadron transferred to 446th Bm Grp at Tinian Airfield.
               【Comment by  tonystro  2017/1/2 16:32:57】


RE:Roubinek Collection
Closest wreckage is P-38 Lightning left pod and cockpit section.
               【Comment by  tonystro  2017/1/2 16:30:45】


RE:Roubinek Collection
Remains of stripped down C-46 Commando, transport aircraft. Dozens of the old C-46s are still operating in Alaska, Canada and a few other areas around the world.
               【Comment by  tonystro  2017/1/2 16:23:50】


RE:Hal Geer Collection
26th FS (51stFG) P-40K line-up in China. They display the "26th FS China Blitzers" badge on their sharkmouth. Great color pic: would be nice to have a better rez to see the detail of the designs on the wheel hubs discs !!
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2016/8/13 10:48:30】


RE:Eugene T. Wozniak Collection--Campout
Can't yet provide any names, but the jacket insignia on the seated man, fourth face from the left, is the "Bombing Eagle" of the 22nd Bomb Squadron, sister unit to the 491st and also stationed at Yangkai, Jan 44-Sep 45. The 22nd changed from the unofficial "Bombing Eagles" to officially approved "Bombing Bulld...
               【Comment by  tonystro  2016/4/18 8:15:45】


RE:Ex-CBI Roundup Collection
Seems to be a P-38J from the 459th FS "Twin Dragons" rather than a photo-recco P-38/F-5.
               【Comment by  jbarbaud  2016/4/16 10:12:26】


RE:Lynnwood W. Smith
Arnold: Winslow, Indiana in Pike County
               【Comment by  pat  2015/12/18 20:22:54】
William C. Arnold was Pike County, Indiana.
               【Comment by  pat  2015/12/18 20:12:6】
               【Comment by  pat  2015/12/18 6:36:39】


RE:John P. Toler
               【Comment by  pat  2015/11/5 21:5:54】


RE:KIA-MIA Memorial Homepage
Lieut Jerrold E Owens Memorial Photos Flowers Edit Share Learn about removing the ads from this memorial... Birth: 1920 Carter County Oklahoma, USA Death: Mar. 21, 1943, India WWII US Army Air Corps MIA Lieutenant Jerrold E. Owens was the son of Wyatt Hamilton Owens and Maudie (Kuntz) Owens Coulter Longsho...
               【Comment by  pat  2015/10/28 10:5:24】
DANIELS PATRICK H III MIRA LOMA FLIGHT ACADEMY (CALIFORNIA) MAJOR C. C. MOSELEY, Operator This primary flight school at Oxnard, California, was originally known as Cal-Aero but was renamed Mira Loma to avoid confusion since Major C. C. Moseley, the civilian contractor, was already operating the Cal-Aero Acad...
               【Comment by  pat  2015/10/28 7:28:46】
TSgt Cecil L Olson, Radio Operator, from ID Birth: Nov. 1, 1918 Death: May 20, 1944 TSGT USAAF WWII 308th BG, 373rd B Sq Radio Operator B-24J #42-73317 'Puck' took off from Liuchow headed for the base at Yangkai, China on a Sea Sweep mission. The plane and its entire crew disappeared when attacked by possib...
               【Comment by  pat  2015/10/28 5:13:47】
James B Strader (died 1944) was born into the Strader family. He died on July 14, 1944. OREGON Brother John M. He was buried in National Memorial Cemetery Of The Pacific Section C Site 438, 2177 Puowaina Drive, Honolulu, Hi. http://www.wallowa.com/out_of_the_past/20140819/out-of-the-past-joseph-sewer-system-...
               【Comment by  pat  2015/10/28 2:38:53】

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