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LTC Joseph Spadoni USAF

On October 15, 2004 LTC Joseph Spadoni USAF (retired) died of cancer at the age of 82. Born in 1921 in Martins Creek, Pa., he grew up during the Depression. Both his parents had passed away by the time he was 14 and he was raised by his older sister.
He enlisted in the Army Air Corps. in January 1941. He helped train gunners for B-17 crews in Idaho, and ended up in Kunming, China with the 10th Air Force. Along the way, he flew across the South Atlantic, saw the pyramids of Egypt and crossed the Himalayas in a C-47. In China, he spent most of his down time helping the locals in their rice paddies. He enlisted as an Airman and was discharged with the rank of Captain.

Recalled to active duty in 1948, he served in the Strategic Air Command and was stationed on Okinawa during the Korean War. He retired in 1966 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He continued in Government service for the next 15 years, working for the Defense Personnel Support Center in Philadelphia.

He moved back to Martins Creek and there was hardly a person in town who didn't know "Joe". Quick to lend a hand, he was always helping people. Whether it was electrical, plumbing, automotive, structural or landscaping, he could fix it. And if he couldn't find the part, he would make it. The original Macgyver you could say.

He was a expert shot with rifle and handgun, an avid hunter and fisherman, and had a deep appreciation of nature. He was the nicest most easy going man around, at least until he lapsed into "Colonel Mode", which would be announced by a hardy "OK men, this is what we're going to do!"

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, daughter Barbara and two sons Joe and Jack. He always stood up for what was right and never backed down from a challenge. He was a loving husband, loving father and truly a good person. I believe he was a great man. He has left this world because his work here is done.

He was my Dad and I shall love him always.

Jack D. Spadoni

(courtesy of The Mudville Gazette

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